I spent two days in LaCrosse with my mom and finally got some answers to part of her health problems and the answers are easily manageable.  Now, we just have to get through her biopsy of the lung this week.  Your prayers are working! 

I took this photo for my husband because I go by the LaCrosse brewery every time I go to the hospital there.  Several years ago, Pat and I visited it on a trip home from the Dells.  LaCrosse Lager is brewed here, and is a great Wisconsin beer, according to Pat.  I’m not a beer fan.

So with two of my days out of town and another day subbing, I didn’t get very many photos taken this week.  Friday night was a gorgeous evening and we spent it on our porch with friends.  This was our view for most of the evening.  Absolutely beautiful!

My dear friend, Mary and I enjoyed catching up on the porch Friday evening.  I am looking forward to many, many more nights (and days) on the porch this summer.
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