Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scenes From Our Week - Week 26

I am half-way through sharing scenes from our weeks. In 6 more months, I will be 40 and have completed (hopefully) my 40 Before 40 Challenge.

To start off our week, the boys had their first experience using the riding mower.  They are hoping to be able to be the regular mowers for our church and parsonage lawn.  They did a great job on their first time out.

Pat and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary by watching the boys perform in their 5th/6th Grade Show Choir.  

Reagan had her dance photos on Saturday morning.  She loves getting to wear make-up (just a little) and get her hair all curled.  She can't wait to perform in a few weeks!

Patrick got his certificates and ribbons this week after performing at Solo Band Contest.  He received a Highly Superior Rating (I+) for his snare drum solo, a Highly Superior Rating (I+) for his xylophone solo and a Superior Rating (I) for his trio with 2 other trumpeters and him on the snare.  We are very proud of his talents in music!

Last night we traveled to Des Moines to see Christian Comedians Tim Hawkins and John Branyan.  The kids were so excited.  We spent a bit more to get VIP passes which allowed us a delicious meal from Chick-Fil-A, a Q & A with Tim and preferred seating.  The show kept us laughing non-stop for nearly 2 hours.  Lots of fun!

VIP Passes

Chicken Sandwich, chips,coleslaw, and a decadent chocolate brownie

Tim was so nice during the Q&A.  He was very personable and answered questions about his family, his career, and made us all feel welcome.

Tim started out the show with this outfit and a song that kept us laughing and on the edge of our seats!

The boys laughed non-stop!

We are also big fans of John Branyan and were glad he was also part of the show.  We had seen him on some of Tim's DVDs, but purchased a couple of his own last night.  We look forward to watching those soon!

Tim came back on stage to wrap up the night. We had such a great time.  The last time I remember laughing that much was early on in our marriage, Pat and I saw Carrot Top.  I am just glad that Tim is someone we can enjoy watching and laughing with our whole family.  The kids watched his DVD's during our trip to Florida, which made for lots of laughter in the car.

The kids were excited to be able to say Hi to Tim and John and get their autographs afterwards.  What a fun night!

Here is a video taken a few years ago from a show Tim Hawkins did.  He is singing his Chick-Fil-A song, which is one of our favorites.  For more on Tim Hawkins or John Branyan, search them on YouTube.

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