Movie Review: The Lorax in 3D

Today was our final day of Easter break and I found out the small town near us was showing THE LORAX in 3D. I have been avoiding the whole 3D movie craze.  I have seen different 3D things in the past and have gotten queasy or a headache from watching them.  I also haven’t wanted to pay all the extra money to watch the movie in 3D.  So, today was a treat.  We had passes that we got in an auction and it was only $4 per ticket, so I figured, why not?

I was so pleasantly surprised.  Technology has come a LOOONG way.  I thought the 3D enhancements were excellent.  I didn’t get a headache or feel queasy at all.  I did get a little tired of wearing the glasses, kind of like I do when I have been wearing my sunglasses for awhile.  But, it really was quite fun.

The movie, of course, has a great lesson about standing up for what you believe in, as well as taking care of our natural resources.  It reminded me a bit of Disney’s WALL-E and what can happen if we take our world for granted.  It really was a sweet story and the time flew by.  The movie was also filled with fun, catchy songs that made it more a musical rather than just a movie.

If you haven’t treated your family to a 3D movie yet or seen THE LORAX, I highly recommend it.

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