I have lots of photos to share this week from Easter, a band concert, soccer and birthday parties.  It seems there are always lots of activities in the spring that keep us running from place to place.

After arriving home from the sunrise service, I was able to snap a quick photo of the kids before they rushed back in to their comfy clothes for the day!

The aftermath….baskets found and torn apart, eggs found and candy eaten.

 Reagan couldn’t wait to try out the crayola colorful bubbles.  They are neat, but MESSY.  They are thicker than regular bubbles and can stain clothing or items if the bubbles land on the them, so be careful when using.

The table is set and the food is ready for our Easter meal.  It was delicious if I do say so myself!

Patrick playing the xylophone for the Festival of Bands.

Bennett concentrating hard on playing the snare drum.

Patrick had some friends over Friday to celebrate his upcoming birthday.  They had a ball and it has been so much fun watching these boys change and grow over the years!

Soccer season has begun.  Patrick (in yellow) goes after the ball.

Bennett always puts 110% into whatever he does.  Even after finding out he had walking pneumonia on Thursday, he still hustled on the soccer field on Saturday.  

Reagan had to show off the new opening in her mouth after the tooth fairy came Friday night.

We celebrated Patrick’s upcoming 12th birthday with family on Saturday.  What a great time!

May all your wishes come true, Patrick!
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