Thursday, February 9, 2012

Family Time February - Cranium Hullabaloo

During the month of February, I am featuring games that our family has enjoyed over the years.  February is a great time of year to get cozy with your family and play some games.  I guarantee there will be lots of laughs and memories made.  

When the kids were little I especially liked games that got the kids up and moving.  CRANIUM HULLABALOO did just that!  HULLABALOO is a game that gets kids moving around on floor pads that are placed around the room.  Based on the item called out by the game console, the children will jump, spin, leap, crawl or even tip toe to the appropriate shape, color, food item, animal, or instrument. It will randomly stop and whomever is standing on the item called (like the elephant) is the winner!  The winner will then be asked to do a funky dance or some other trick.  Then you can start the game all over again!

CRANIUM HULLABALOO is perfect for kids ages 4-10 and can be played with 2 or more people.  This is a great game for daycare, homeschools, preschools, birthday parties, playdates, or rainy days!  Even the grown ups have fun with this one!

This game has also been discontinued by the manufacturer, but can still be found online at places like ebay and AMAZON.  Because it is discontinued, it is retailing for $49.00, but if your kids are little, it will provide years of fun for the money!

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