Monday, January 9, 2012

Giveaway: Get your List on With List PlanIt


If you know me at all, you know I am a LIST kind of gal!  I make lists for everything....groceries, errands to run, books to read, things to do today, things to do soon, blog topics, gift ideas....I could go on and on.  I just can't possibly keep everything in my head and so I make lists to keep it all straight. 

Have you heard of a website called LIST PLANIT? They have all the lists you will ever need and ones you haven't even thought of before.  I love this site and get my "list making fix" everytime I visit it. 

Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order

List PlanIt is an amazing resource with more than 500 printable lists, forms and planners available for print and download!  I personally have the download membership and love how I can download any list to my computer, add or make changes if necessary and print it out whenever I need it. 

With many of you having "Get Organized" as one of you New Year's Resolutions, there is no better time to check out List PlanIt.  They offer lists to make your life easier including lists that will help you keep track of appointments, shopping lists, medical information, school information, vacation planning, schedules, to-do lists and more.

What I really appreciate is that I can get all that stuff floating around in my head and down on paper where I can't forget it.  As I think of something, I just write it on the list for that specific item.  So, for example, when I think of a place I want to visit, or at least research, for our upcoming vacation, I can just add it to that list and refer to it later when I have the time. 
Jennifer Tankersley, the founder and official list maker, has really made life so much easier for so many.  She has come up with lists for just about every area of life imaginable. You’ll find travel planners, homeschooling planners, to do lists and business planners, just to name a few.  This site isn't just for your home life either, there are great ways to organize your business/career life as well.  Jennifer was also the creator of the 100 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS ebook that I raved about a few months ago!

List PlanIt Goal Sheet
ListPlanIt offers several membership options:

Print Membership. For $20/year, get instant access to more than 500 lists with the ability to print them out.

Download Membership. Do you want to be able to save your information digitally? Than the download membership is for you. Get instant access to all of the lists, with the added ability to fill in your forms and save them on your computer for just $30/year.

ePlanners. If you’re looking for a specific set of printables, you’ll also find individual planners for just $7 each. Browse the ePlanners here.

Check out for all the great options they have to offer!

As I mentioned, I purchased the Download Membership and am anxious to access the List PlanIt site throughout the upcoming year.  Some of my favorites lists are:

RESPONSIBILITY LIST (chore charts for kids)
2 MONTH AT A GLANCE MONTHLY CALENDAR (for blog topic ideas/schedule)

There is even an AMERICAN IDOL JOURNAL to keep track of your favorites while you are watching each week!  I guarantee there will be lists that will fit your life!  There are so many lists to discover and use on this site.

I have one List PlanIt membership of your choice to GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

REQUIRED ENTRY: Tell me where you have the greatest need for organization in your life and what list could help you out most. 

Be sure to also leave your email address (ex: name AT email DOT com) so I can contact you if you win!

This giveaway is open through 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 22, 2012.  All entries after that will not be counted.  I will used to choose a winner on Monday, January 23, 2012, and email the winner.  The winner will have 48 hours to contact me or I will choose another winner. 

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This giveaway is made possible by List PlanIt. I was not compensated in any way for this review or giveaway. I paid for my own membership to List PlanIt. This post may contain affiliate links that will compensate me if a purchase is made.  This review is my honest opinion and I only review products that I truly enjoy and would benefit myself and/or my family.


purrfectlee said...

Hi Stacie,
I've browsed the List PlanIt site several times and was amazed at all it has to offer. I could use help organizing my multiple blog sites. I want to grow both of them but can't seem to get it in order and do it. I think having a list of things I want to do and accomplish will really help.
Thanks, Lee

Darcy Kearns said...

Hey Stacie--wow, the List PlanIt website has some great "lists". I think the goal sheet would be great, to be ready for graduation in May.


Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

Great Giveaway! I am a list girl too♥ I need to organize my time throughout my day the most:) My email is: takintimecreations(at) gmail(dot)com & I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you'd head over to my blog, as I am also having a giveaway:) Take care♥

Laurie Harrison said...

HOLIDAY BUDGET PLANNER – Used as a worksheet, this page can be used as a guide to help you stay on track and in control of your spending during the holiday season.
I think this planner would be great for an upcoming wedding we have. My daughter is getting married so I have been online shopping for decor. The wedding is in July and I already have packages of wedding stuff. I have already overspent!!!

Sarah said...

I need the most help with completing chores. I would really like to use the responsibility lists for toddlers and preschoolers.