Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Did you know there was a way to get your child a gift for Christmas AND help other children across the world?  This is where TRASHCANKIDZ come in. 

TRASHCANKIDZ aims to entertain, educate, and empower a generation of socially minded children who want to share in their vision of contributing to a better world.  The TRASHCANKIDZ want to Free The Luv and they need your help.  Buy purchasing a CARRYMEKIDZ, 20% of the proceeds goes to World Vision and other charities that help children who are orphaned, vulnerable, or who live on the street.  Once the purchase is made, your child not only receives a cute toy, but also allows others to purchase one as well through your very own Ambassador code.  Your child can then participate in a safe, online game that will allow her to learn more about the "FREE THE LUV" concept and contributing to our world as well as interacting with the other TRASHCANKIDZ characters.

Within TRASHCANKIDZ, there are a number of CARRYMEKIDZ to choose from.  Our daughter chose, Rose.  Each CARRYMEKIDZ has a story of their own, with specific interests so you can choose your own based on your child's interests if you like. 

Rose is 5 and is the happiest of the TRASHCANKIDZ. Rose is always cheerful and eager to help.  She loves animals, nature and pretty things.  Reagan thought that sounded a lot like her, and was excited to choose Rose.  Rose arrived in about 2 weeks time and came in her own backpack-shaped trashcan.  Rose also came with her own blanket and stuffed animal.  Rose is very soft and cuddly.  Reagan has played with her a lot and it is easy to take her along on trips by putting Rose right into the backpack.  Reagan can also go online and play in the TRASHCANKIDZ world and enjoys that as well.

For more on the TRASHCANKIDS story, watch this music video:

If you would like to adopt one of your own TRASHCANKIDZ, go to http://www.trashcankidz.com/ and enter in this code 320184573.  This will allow you to adopt your very own CARRYMEKIDZ, just like Rose.

Thanks to MomSelect for the opportunity to participate in this program.  Thanks to TRASHCANKIDZ for sending Rose to us.  This review is my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review.  I only review items that would benefit myself and my family. 

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