Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea - 54 Days to Christmas

Today I am starting random Christmas Gift Ideas that you could purchase for someone you love.  They will be things I have seen during my shopping, things I have seen on PINTEREST, or things that I have given or received. 

Today I am featuring a couple items for the the cook/homemaker in your life.

ROBIN TAKES 5: 500 Recipes, 5 Ingredients or less, 500 Calories or less, 5 Nights a week at
5:00 PM

By: Robin Miller

You will know Robin Miller if you are a FOOD NETWORK fan.  I loved her shows and am a fan of her cookbooks as well.  This one was excellent as well.  You can check out my review HERE.  ROBIN TAKES FIVE  is available today on Amazon for $18.04 for the book version or $9.99 on Kindle. 

This would be a great gift for moms, college students, or anyone looking to cook healthy and fast meals for themselves or their family. 

Everyone has to do dishes, right?  I wear gloves everytime I do dishes because I want to protect my hands and I want to be able to wash the dishes in the hottest water possible.   I usually just get the Clorox ones at Target.  But, I recently won these fun GLOVABLES from THE ORGANIZED PARENT which make it much more fun!  Who wouldn't love to wear these gloves while cleaning or doing dishes around the house.  These would make a fun hostess gift along with a new dishtowel/dish cloth.  To find out more about these GLOVABLES, check out THE ORGANIZED PARENT WEBSITE.  The GLOVABLES are $14.95 and come in a variety of colors.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas over the next 54 Days. 

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