Monday, October 17, 2011

Scenes From Our Week - Week 2

As part of my 40 Before 40 Challenge, I wanted to capture our life in pictures at least once a week. Here is what I captured this week.

Patrick has become attached to his skateboard lately.  We decided to take him to a skate park on Sunday and let him try it out.  A lot diferent from our driveaway!

Somehow, I took some sort of 2 part action shot with my phone.  Don't know if I could do it again, but still pretty cool.

Our After School JAMS program decorated pumpkins this week.  The pumpkins will be used to decorate the church during our annual Bazaar Dinner on Saturday.  They will also be available for sale.  We will have over 25 original and adorable pumpkins set throughout the tables.  The kids used washers, drawer pulls, screws, nails, yarn, ribbon, beads, paint and anything else they could find to decorate their pumpkins. 

What an awesome group of creative kids and their pumpkins.
 Here are our kids with their pumpkins. 

While out shopping on Saturday, Patrick and Reagan decided to try on some hats! 

Bennett spent the weekend with my sister and her husband doing all kinds of fun things like hunting turkeys, canoeing, and gator riding.

Bennett and Uncle Ken canoeing down the Volga River

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Eyewitness said...

Kids are like flowers!

I also loved the last photograph.

Did you capture this photo as well?