I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that…………… I WON A KINDLE!!!! 

I have the Kindle App on our iPad, my iPod touch and on my phone.  But, it isn’t always the most convenient to read it on those items….especially when I have to share 2 of them with the kids.  But, it wasn’t enough of a “need” for me to purchase a Kindle.  But, let me tell you, any blog or website that was giving one a way….I was signing up.  It finally paid off.  I won my Kindle from Jennifer Tankersley of the awesome ListPlanIt site and the author of the new ebook 100 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS.  Check out my review of 100 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS here
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jennifer!  You made my weekend and gave me an awesome birthday present!  What will I win next????????
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