This is my 2nd week of NO POP/SODA.  It has definitely been a struggle for me.  I had truly didn’t realize how much I really enjoyed having one whenever I wanted to.  But, I am still determined to finish out the Lenten season without a sip of any Diet or Regular Pop.  I have found that I am drinking more water, which is good, more coffee which is probably not good, and have found some new drinks to try, like Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea. 

I have also begun an 8 week long-term sub job at our middle school.  Not the best time to give up pop, but so far I have been too busy to even think about drinking one in the afternoon.  Although, when I see other teachers having their afternoon jolt of caffeine, I am wishing I could have one too.  The Diet Mountain Dew in my fridge will be taunting me for a few more weeks, but I plan to continue to ignore it!

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