The Frogs

For the past several nights, we have been able to sleep with our bedroom window open, which I love.  I love sleeping and feeling that gentle, cool breeze coming in.  Outside our bedroom window is our neighbor’s back yard with a pond.  In that pond are a couple frogs (or toads…not sure of the difference).  Every night they have been singing me to sleep and I LOVE IT!!!!  As a child, I grew up on a farm that was right next to a river and I grew up listening to frogs at night and birds waking me in the morning.  A few years ago, my husband gave me a Spa Alarm Clock that has all these sounds built in like a thunderstorm, rain, the ocean, a rainforest, etc.  So, you can fall asleep or wake up to those sounds.  But, there is NOTHING BETTER than falling asleep to the real singing of frogs outside my window every night.  I should probably research what these frogs are singing about.  Are they mating, is this their way of claiming their territory, why do I only hear them sing at night?  If you know these answers, let me know.  Thanks to my neighbor, Don, for having the pond for the frogs to sing in each night.

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