Plate and Heart Are Full

I know I have been MIA for awhile.  Spring has been the start of a new schedule around here and it has taken me a few days (weeks) to get readjusted.  I have been subbing 2-3 days/week and the kids have some sort of practice every night of the week.  Plus throw me getting sick, one of the kids getting sick, the Easter holiday, and other outside committments and you get a mom who is way behind!  It seems every day I look at my schedule for the day and cringe.  What happens to stuff that I need to get done?  It seems to go by the wayside and instead the day-to-day living things get moved to the top…I suppose the kids need clean clothes…I suppose they need a decent supper to eat….I suppose the floor needs to be swept and the bathrooms cleaned….etc, etc, etc.   But, the important thing is that even though I have been a little stressed lately and my schedule is out of whack….I still try to begin each day with a happy heart.  Even though my plate is full (sometimes overflowing), my heart is full as well.  I am so blessed and each day I try to be grateful for that.  Jesus reminds me in Proverbs 15:15….

He who has a merry heart has a continual feast.  Proverbs 15:15 NKJV

So, even though, it would be really easy to be grumpy and stressed, I know if my heart is happy, I will continue to be blessed.   Even though my plate is overflowing right now, I will try to check in with you regularly.  May you have a happy heart today!

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