When I met my husband nearly twelve years ago, his tag-line on his AOL profile page was “Swallow your pride before it swallows you“. The other day I read this quote in the December 2009 Guideposts Magazine: “Swallow your pride. It contains no calories.”

Being proud of my children and their grades, their behavior, and their accomplishments is a positive part of pride. But there is another side of pride that isn’t always so positive.

I know if I took a minute to step back and ignore my pride, it would save me some frustration and heartache in several situations. Why do we hold tight to our pride? We don’t want to be embarrassed. We don’t want to admit we were WRONG. We would rather keep our pride than say “I’m Sorry!” Who are you hurting (besides yourself) because you didn’t swallow your pride? I know how hard it is because I have let pride takeover and the result is always damaging. What amends could you make today by swallowing your pride?

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