Review: Soft Scrub Total

I have been chosen to be a Soft Scrub Club Captain and I wanted to tell you about one of their new products.
Introducing one cleaner that does it all….Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl. This is a way to totally rethink clean and simplify your cleaning routine. Soft Scrub offers Soft Scrub Total Kitchen as well. Now you only need one product to clean your entire bathroom or kitchen. Each one is specially formulated to tackle the unique cleaning challenges of your toughest rooms. And it comes from a company you already rely on for powerful cleaning.
I tried the Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl. The features it offers are using the foam or a spray option and the bottle sprays both right side up and upside down. This is a great for spraying under the rim of the toilet. The foam is perfect for the toilet and shower and the spray is nice for the countertops and sink. It leaves the bathroom with a fresh clean scent rather than a chemical scent that makes you gag as you walk in. I was able clean up the sinks and countertops right away with no respraying. I was very happy with this product. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given any information about how much this new cleaner will cost or when it will be available in stores. But, I would think it would be showing up at anytime. So, on your next shopping trip, look for Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl and Soft Scrub Total Kitchen and give it a try!
The Soft Scrub company compensated me with a Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl to try at home as well as a coupon for an additional bottle of Soft Scrub Total.
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