Mondays Matter: Week 32

Taken from the book, Every Monday Matters: 52 Ways To Make A Difference by Matthew Emerzian and Kelly Bozza
-The #1 killer of people ages 4 – 37 is car accidents.
-1 in 5 drivers under the age of 30 is stopped for speeding every year.
-75% of drivers admit to driving over the speed limit, and 50% determine their speed based on the chance of being stopped by police.
-30% of all traffic fatalities have speed as a factor, second only to alcohol (39%) as a cause of fatal crashes.
1. Obey speed limit signs. Doing so shows respect for the law, your life, and the lives of others.
2. Slow down to give yourself time to avoid hitting debris, animals, and potholes. (Potholes cause millions of dollars of damage to cars each year.)
3. Stay at least one car length behind the vehicle in front of you for every 10 mph you’re driving.
4. Leave early. Allow enough time to get where you’re going.
5. Use caution and take appropriate safety measures when driving in extreme weather conditions.
I think #1 says it all. Over the years, I have learned speeding just isn’t worth it. In the area I live, our county sheriff makes frequent drives to our town and on the highway we travel. I just don’t need to throw away a hundred bucks just for driving a little faster to Target. I have also learned in my Bible Studies that obeying the law is important to God and speeding fits into that. Now, of course, I can’t say I NEVER speed, but as a general rule, I do NOT speed. I set my cruise and just go along. I have noticed my kids pay attention and let me know if I am speeding. I need to set an example for them. You can’t get a speeding ticket if you don’t speed. You can even save money on gas by slowing down. So, set your cruise, obey the speed limit and leave eariler if needed. Don’t speed!
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