CD Review: Live by Shawn Colvin

I recently won this CD from An Iowa Mom, a fellow blogger. You can find a link to her blog down the right side of my blog. So, thanks much to Wendy for sending this CD my way!
On ITunes, Colvin is listed in the pop category, but I wouldn’t classify her in the same pop category as Jordin Sparks, Gwen Stefani, or Lady Gaga but more of a folksie pop, like ADELE or Brooke White. Shawn Colvin is a three-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter. This Live CD was released in June of this summer.
This is a CD for when I am feeling mellow. It would also be a great CD to listen to when I need to destress. Of course, the most popular song on the CD is “Sunny Came Home”, but I also liked “Tennessee”, and “Fill Me Up”. I know this is a CD that my friends Tammy and Emily would love. This is more of an occasional CD for me…have to be in the right mood. But, a timeless CD, that can be enjoyed and pulled out for those situations that could use a little Shawn Colvin.
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