Last night our daughter, Reagan was running through the kitchen and at the same time our cat, Buddy decided to run right in front of her. (Kind of like when you are driving and just when you come up to the animal in the road, rather than staying where they are…and safe…they run right in front of your car….SMACK!) Anyway, Reagan tripped over Buddy and landed head first into the corner of a supporting wall we have separating our kitchen in living room. I saw it happen and thought for sure I would be seeing blood gushing when she came back up. My husband had just come home after the boys practice and picked her up. Thank goodness there was no blood, just lots of screaming! After getting her calmed down, we found a VERY LARGE goose egg on her head, growing by the minute. I tried to ice it but that was too painful for her. So, just spent some time snuggling and calming her down. After no visible signs of more harm, she spent the rest of the evening at our friends house playing. This morning the goose egg was smaller, but still quite painful. She is our tough little girl, the only one of the kids to ever have stitches, and more bumps than I can count!
This is Reagan after getting her first (and hopefully only) set of stitches 2 summers ago!
We are grateful God was watching over her last night and kept her cute little head safe from a more harmful injury!
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