Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Conversation with Grandma!

Last weekend our daughter, Reagan spent the weekend with my parents. She had been asking for a weekend at Grandpa and Grandma B's all by herself. I wanted to share a funny conversation that they had.
Grandma had been working on a quilt and told Reagan she had to go get a needle. Reagan asked what a needle was and Grandma said it was to sew with.
Reagan: Oh, that was the day you fixed my brother's pillow. I keep all of the days in my head but sometimes when I'm sleeping and laying on the side of my head - some of the days fall out!
Apparantly Reagan was very matter-of-fact and she certainly gave my parents quite a laugh!

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Anonymous said...

Reagan, you are so adorable! I think I have the same problem! :-) I love you! Love, Aunt Julie