I Admit It! I’m Addicted!

Admitting your addiction is half the problem, right? But the other part of the problem is I don’t want help for my addiction. I have mentioned before that I joined Facebook and love that I have reconnected with old friends and have found that it is a much easier way to stay connected with family members. Then, I found out that you can play Scrabble on Facebook. How cool is that? So, usually at any given time, I have up to 4 games going. It is great because you can play a word, and then come back hours or even days later and your turn will be waiting for you. If you and the other players are both on Facebook at the same time, you can play in “real time”, but you don’t have to be. I love the excitement of logging into Facebook and finding someone has requested I play with them, or that it is my turn. I love the thrill of getting a great word or lots of points. I think my record right now for the highest point word is 64 points for the word “roomies”. I love getting a Q on a TL square or using the Z with the TW. I am in a regular game with my cousin, Melanie who lives in Minnesota. It has been so fun and I believe we are on game #10. She imagines us in our 80’s playing game #3856! I certainly hope so! I also play with Melanie and her mom, my friend Tammy, and my neighbor Emily. I am always open to new games and players.My husband will frequently walk in the room and see me on Facebook Scrabble and just shake his head. He is not a scrabble fan and doesn’t get the excitement of it. I was raised to play scrabble with my mom and her sisters. If you remember a few weeks ago when I traveled to Minnesota with my mom, aunt and cousin Melanie….what did we do at night in the hotel….play scrabble! So, it is in my blood. I love it, can’t get enough of it, and am fully addicted. I admit it!

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  1. Kathleen D on April 12, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    I am so excited. I love this game!

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