Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Snowman Idea and Storytime

A few months ago I offered to lead a storytime for toddlers at our small town library. So, in November I held my first storytime with 4 little ones. We learned about leaves and it was a fun hour in my day! This month my theme is "Snow". So, thanks to my friend Tina, a former teacher and current stay-at-home mom who has all the best ideas, I am giving each of the kids one of these treats to take home with them. I don't remember what Tina called them, but I just thought they were the cutest! So, if you need to take treats to school, send goody bags for a party, or have gifts to is your great idea for the day...heck, maybe even the week!

1 ziploc bag
2 T cocoa mix
11 or so mini marshmellows
1 snowman peep (yes they make these...I had no idea)
All you need to do is add 1 cup of hot water!

So, I hope the kids like them tomorrow and I plan to file this idea away for future use! Thanks Tina!

I will be reading SNOW by Cynthia Rylant who is the author of the Henry and Mudge Book series and ALL YOU NEED FOR A SNOWMAN by Alice Schertle which is one of our kids favorites.

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Julie P. said...

Going to use this idea for my daughter's class. Anyway, you won Katie Brown Celebrates. Send me your name and address bookingmama(at)comcast(dot)net