Go Vikes!

This weekend we surprised our boys with tickets to the Vikings vs Packers game. Now for some people this may not be a big deal, but it was for us. None of us have ever been to a NFL game. It was difficult for me to wrap my brain around spending $500 on something that lasts 3 hours, plus food, plus hotel, plus gas, etc. But, it was an experience that was worth every cent! The boys were so excited when we showed them the tickets. Their excitement was off the charts compared to the best Christmas present they could find under the tree. We had fun getting into our Vikings attire and arriving at the game early to take it all in. We even got to watch Chad Greenway warm up! The metrodome was packed solid with nearly 64,000 people. It was Armed Forces day and it was amazing when nearly 64,000 had a moment of silence to remember those lost in the wars. Who would have thought the dome could be that silent? The game was exciting all the way to the very end and luckily our team won! We had a great time, made some amazing memories, and had a experience that I know our boys will appreciate for a long time. Who knows, we may even try another game some day!
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